Learning All About Auto Body Restoration

Learning All About Auto Body Restoration

8 Tips To Guarantee Smooth Holiday Travel

Cody Wade

Traveling over the holidays can bring out the worst in people. Be kind to your fellow America and plan well in advance with these tips to guarantee smooth travel. 

1. Mail and Packages: If you are going to be gone for an extended period of time, contact your postal carrier to temporarily stop the delivery of your mail. When people see mail piling up in your mailbox and packages left on your front porch for several days, it becomes apparent that you are not home. Not only do you risk the threat of stolen packages, but you also create the potential of a break in. 

2. Pets: While you probably wouldn't forget about Fido, your best bet is to schedule a pet sitter or arrange for bordering as soon as you book your trip. According to the AAA, over 46 million Americans will travel somewhere over the holidays, meaning those pet sitters will be in short supply rather quickly. Do yourself favor and book early. 

3. Oil Change: If you plan to drive long distances, be sure to get your car in top shape a few weeks before the trip at places like Bill Smith's Auto. Whether you need transmission repairs, new tires, or simply a technician to change the oil, make sure you do it ahead of time to avoid the last minute rush of other travelers. 

4. Book Early: Experts say that the best time to buy a ticket is about 60 days prior to your travel date. In fact, they have narrowed it down much further by stating that Tuesday at exactly three o'clock in the afternoon is the best price you will see on that ticket. 

5. Plan Your Route: If you are driving, plan your actual route ahead of time to avoid any construction or seasonal roads. Spend an hour or two researching it and print a hard copy of the directions and map. Americans rely on smart phones more and more, yet you never know when a battery will die and leave you stranded -- literally. 

6. Phone Charger: Speaking of those smart phones, you may want to invest in a travel charger to avoid the above situation. In fact, if you are traveling to and from the United States via airplane, the TSA, or Transportation Security Administration, recently announced that electronic devices that could not power up would not be allowed on the airplane. Safety is important, but it would really stink to have to leave your phone behind. 

7. Call Your Credit Card: Security breaches can happen anywhere, and credit card companies are taking more aggressive stances to protect your money. One of the steps many have taken is to track your spending habits and freeze your account when you make an abnormal purchase. An abnormal purchase could simply mean holiday shopping, or it could mean a purchase in a different country. In fact, experts advise that you contact your credit and debit card companies and inform them of when and where you will be traveling to avoid being unable to pick up your rental car due to a fraud alert.  

8. Activities for Kids: Traveling with kids is not an easy task. There are steps you can take, however, to help smooth any bumps in the road. The biggest hurdle is boredom. Whether you are traveling by plane, train, or automobile, pack plenty of travel-sized games, tiny toys, and activity books. Depending on the age of the child, plan on pulling out one new toy or game every half hour to keep their attention. New toys, even those bought from a dollar store, are always exciting. 

Wherever you go, you will need to pack your patience. Everyone wants to get where they are going and, unfortunately, everyone wants to get there at the exact same time. Being patient with merging lanes on the freeway and tolerant of other passengers waiting for their boarding passes will go a long way in making your holiday travel go smoothly. 


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