Learning All About Auto Body Restoration

Learning All About Auto Body Restoration

  • Aftermarket Head Studs Vs. Original Manufacturer Head Bolts

    In engine rebuild projects, making the decision between aftermarket head studs and original manufacturer head bolts is important. The choice you make will have a significant impact on automobile performance, so it's important to carefully research the issue.  Differences between head bolts and head studs Choosing the right option requires machinists to understand the differences between how the two are attached on the engine assembly and how they function afterwards. 

  • Squeaking And Shaking: The 2 Most Common Automotive Brake Problems Diagnosed

    The braking system on your vehicle is a very important safety feature that needs to be continuously monitored to ensure that it is functioning well. Knowing the first signs of a brake system problem allows you to take your car into your auto mechanic before a small braking issue turns into a large repair. Two of the most common brake system problems can be identified by the following symptoms: squeaking

  • These Three Signs Mean There Is Sludge In The Engine Oil

    When your engine oil oxidizes, it breaks down and mixes with different contaminants to form sludge. Improper maintenance and letting the engine overheat (which in turn heats the oil) are some of the things that accelerate the process. Sludge can block oil passageways, which may lead to engine sieve – a costly type of damage that costs thousands of dollars to repair. It's good to know if there is sludge in your engine oil so you can deal with it before it causes serious problems.

  • 4 Signs Your Oxygen Sensor Is Bad

    You expect your vehicle to get you where you need to go. However, you have to put the time and effort into making sure your ride is properly maintained at all times. When you notice your vehicle acting funny, you need to get it into the repair shop to determine what is going on with it and how to correct the problem. To help you identify some of the common symptoms of a bad oxygen sensor, continue reading below:

  • 3 Reasons To Choose A Fifth Wheel RV

    If you love to travel or love to go camping, you might be thinking about investing in a recreational vehicle. However, you might have noticed that RVs come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges, and you might be having a hard time choosing the right one for you. Even though every RV fan's preferences are different, you might find that a fifth wheel RV is your best choice. These are a few reasons why fifth wheel RV owners prefer them over other types of recreational vehicles.

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Learning All About Auto Body Restoration

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