Learning All About Auto Body Restoration

Learning All About Auto Body Restoration

Make Money With Your Old Car And Help The Environment

Cody Wade

Instead of letting your old car sit in your driveway as an eye sore, you can make money with it. There are different ways you can do this, such as recycling the car, taking it apart and selling the parts, or selling it to a demolition derby driver.

Recycle Your Car

Recycling your car makes money and is good for the environment. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, recycling your car uses much less energy than creating new steel.

Much of an old car is made of steel, and the rest is made from other types of metals, along with upholstery, rubber, and glass. The price of scrap metal varies. For this reason, you should check with different recycling companies to see where you can get the best price.

Many recycling companies will come to your home and pick up the car, and bring the cash along with them.  They may also hire a towing company like Jeff's Towing.The price the company will give you depends on the condition of the vehicle. It also depends on how many usable parts are on your car that they can resell.

Take It Apart

You can also take your car apart and sell off the parts. Many people look for used auto parts to help them save money. You can sell anything, such as your engine, battery, brakes and pads, headlights, side mirrors, and more.

Once everything is sold, you can then take the body of the car to a scrap metal dealer and sell it, or to the recycling company, and add to the money you have already made.

Sell It to a Demolition Derby Driver

Demolition derby drivers will be glad to purchase your car and take it off your hands. Because more and more people are selling cars for scrap metal, they are finding it hard to find old cars they can drive in a derby.

If your car does not have windows, it does not matter because they take them out before they drive in the derby. Air conditioning not working, missing door handles, missing knobs, etc. will not matter to them. The idea of a demolition derby is to drive into each car until only one is left.

You can also donate your car to charity. If you do this, you can write it off when you do your taxes. This does not give you immediate cash, but you will get a bigger tax refund at the end of the year, or owe less on your taxes if you have to pay.


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