Learning All About Auto Body Restoration

Learning All About Auto Body Restoration

Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Car-Loving Spouse

Cody Wade

If your spouse is in love with their car, or if they spend a lot of time stuck in their car commuting, then there are many wonderful automotive accessories that you should consider purchasing for your spouse's next birthday.

Cold Climate Gifts

If your family resides in a cold climate, then there are three gifts that will be well-appreciated by your spouse:

  1. a remote car starter
  2. new windshield wiper blades
  3. leather driving gloves

A remote car starter will allow your spouse to warm-up their vehicle without having to brave the cold weather to do so. This is nice, because your spouse will be able to feel the car's heater system as soon as they get in. Additionally, the windows will be clear and not full of ice or fog.

New windshield wiper blades will allow your partner to be able to see better in storms, and this is one item many people wait too long to replace.

Leather driving gloves will allow your lover to have warm hands, even if they have to dig out their car from a snowstorm.

Hot Climate Gifts

Alternatively, if your family lives in a warmer climate, then there are three gifts that work well in the heat:

  1. professional window tinting
  2. glove box cooler
  3. steering wheel cover

Professional window tinting looks amazing on most cars. Additionally, there are window tint films today that have the ability to help reflect sunlight. These tinting options can help to keep your car cooler on hot days.

A glove box cooler will give your spouse the gift of cool drinks, even on the hottest day of the year.

A leather, or cotton fabric, steering wheel cover will keep your partner's car's steering wheel cool. This will help prevent burns after the car has been sitting in the sun.

All Climate Gifts

In addition to the above, there are also some gifts which are applicable in any climate:

  1. a new car stereo
  2. new car stereo speakers
  3. seat covers

Automobile audio technology is moving at lightening speed. Any car that is past a couple years old can benefit from having a new stereo system installed in it. Also, most newer cars do not arrive from the assembly line with the best stereo speakers installed within them. For this reason, upgrading car stereo speakers always makes a great present.

Seat covers serve two main purposes in a car. They help to protect the seats, and they also help to change the comfort level of the driver. If your spouse complains about the comfort of their car's seats, then a gift of seat covers is a good gift. If your spouse is a sports fan, then you can even purchase car seat covers with their favorite team's logo on them.


Spending time in the car is a much nicer event when your car has some luxuries. By gifting your spouse a car accessory, such as a car stereo, for their next birthday, you are giving a gift that repeatedly says, "I love you!"


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