Learning All About Auto Body Restoration

Learning All About Auto Body Restoration

Three Reasons To Have Your Car A/C Professionally Repaired

Cody Wade

If you have noticed that the air conditioner in your car is not blowing as cold as it once did, you may need to have it repaired. There are several things that can cause your air conditioner to fail in your car. Before you attempt to repair your air conditioner on your own, you should have it looked at by a professional. They can help you determine the cause of the warm air blowing from the A/C.

Refrigerant Leak

If you are like most car owners, you likely check under your car for puddles that may indicate an oil or antifreeze leak. When it comes to refrigerant, you won't see a puddle under the car. Instead you may find an oily residue around the hoses that connect to your a/c compressor. You can even have a refrigerant leak inside the compressor, condenser, and evaporator. A professional repair center can use special lights and tools to discover potential leaks within the air conditioning system of your car. Once these leaks have been located, they can work to repair them and get your air conditioning blowing cold once again.

Worn Out Compressor

Depending on the age of your vehicle, your air conditioning problems could be attributed to a worn out compressor. Many people think this means that it was used too often, but in reality this is caused by sitting unused for long periods of time. You can do a few things to prevent this from happening. One option is to run the compressor for at least ten minutes once a week during the off season. You may be unknowingly running your compressor if you own a newer model car as the compressor is used each time you turn on the defroster. To prevent excess damage to your compressor you should have it inspected yearly by your local air conditioning repair company.

Electrical System Issues

Your air conditioning unit relies on a variety of electrical components. These include wires, fuses, relays and pressure switches. Each electrical component has the potential to fail at the least expected time. If any component of the intricate electrical system were to fail, the system is programmed to shut down. This may be an inconvenience on the hottest day of the year, but will save you money on replacing your entire a/c system. Your local air conditioning service center will be able to determine which electrical component may have failed and repair it in a safe and effective manner.

You may be tempted to purchase a can of refrigerant or replace that fuse yourself, but it is important to seek the advice and service of a professional auto a/c service. This will help to prevent damage to your car or injury to yourself.


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