Learning All About Auto Body Restoration

Learning All About Auto Body Restoration

Misaligned Wheels: Why It Is Harmful To Your Vehicle & The Cost For An Alignment

Cody Wade

Does your vehicle seem harder to control than usual? The problem may stem from the wheels being misaligned, which can be a hazard to your safety. In this article, learn about the harm misaligned wheels can cause and how much it will cost to get them aligned.

How Can Misaligned Wheels Cause Harm to a Vehicle?

Misaligned wheels can occur from continuously driving on damaged roads, such as those with a lot of potholes. If you hit the curb while turning corners or parking, it can also lead to misaligned wheels. The reason your vehicle is hard to control is because the wheels are not pointing in the right direction. Your vehicle can easily move toward vehicles in other lanes if you let go of the steering wheel for even a second with misaligned wheels.

Misaligned wheels are harmful to your vehicle because it can lead to you having to replace the tires a lot. The tires will not only wear out faster than usual, but you can experience blowouts. A sudden blowout in heavy traffic can cause serious injuries, so it is not worth driving your vehicle until the problem is fixed.

Aligning wheels will involve a mechanic first taking your vehicle for a test drive to take notes of what the problem may be. He or she will check to see if your front tires lean closer together than the ones in the back, as well as if the tires are pointing too far to the left or right without the steering wheel being turned. After a diagnosis has been made, your wheels will be adjusted accordingly (two-wheel or four-wheel alignment).

How Much Does it Cost for Vehicle Wheel Alignment?

The cost for wheel alignment will depend on the make and model of your vehicle. A vehicle with foreign parts may be more expensive to get the wheels aligned because special equipment is necessary. The type of alignment your vehicle needs will also be factored into the price. You can expect to pay an average of up to $400 plus to get your wheels aligned.

Getting your wheels aligned is not a repair that can be avoided if you want to safely drive your vehicle. Aligned wheels will make driving smoother and less frustrating because you won't have to struggle with keeping your vehicle pointed in the right direction. For more information, contact Marathon -Sleepy Hollow or a similar location.


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