Learning All About Auto Body Restoration

Learning All About Auto Body Restoration

Turn Travel Time Into Fun Time With These Adult Bus Games

Cody Wade

One of the most beneficial parts of renting a charter bus for your group trip is the ability to truly make the most out of your travel time. Since this transportation option provides you a level of privacy that public transportation cannot, you can easily use your travel time to engage the members of your group rather than simply concentrating on reaching your final destination. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this goal is through the use of traveling games. Below you will learn more about just a few of the games that you can play on the bus while traveling with a group of adults.

Travel Bingo

Just like regular bingo, the object of this game is to mark off all of the squares in a single row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal). The difference is, in traditional bingo, these squares are filled with numbers which are called off by an announcer. In travel bingo, these squares are filled with different objects or sights that you are likely to see while on the road. For instance, you may see bridges, license plates containing specific letters or numbers, or a certain color of vehicle. After spotting each of these objects, you simply mark the corresponding square on your bingo card. The first person to get five squares in a row calls bingo and receives a prize.

The Chain Game

The chain game is a great way to get passengers thinking about something other than the open road. This game is played by first selecting a category, such as celebrity names, cities, or movie titles. The person starting the game will call out a name or title according to the category you selected. For instance, if you have chosen cities, the first person may choose to call out Paris. The next person in the group will then need to quickly say another city name starting with the last letter of the city that was named before them, such as San Francisco. Assign a time limit and anyone who is unable to come up with a city name within that time limit is out of the game. 

The Alphabet Game

It is quite common for passengers to spend the majority of their bus trip staring out the window. This game capitalizes on this natural tendency by asking people to yell out specific things that they see. To start the game, look out the window until you see a word that starts with the letter "A". These words can be found on bumper stickers, road signs, billboards, and many other places. Once you spot an "A" word, yell the word out. The next person in line will then be charged with the task of finding a "B" word. The object of the game is to finish the entire alphabet before you arrive in your destination.

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