Learning All About Auto Body Restoration

Learning All About Auto Body Restoration

Choosing A Rental Trailer: The Flatbed Vs. The Enclosed Trailer

Cody Wade

Owning a trailer can be expensive. If you only rarely have the need for a trailer, then buying a trailer might not be the best option. Instead, you should consider renting a trailer. Infrequently renting a trailer as you have the need will be cheaper than the purchase costs and upkeep involved in owning your own trailer. Choosing a rental trailer is all about knowing what your needs are. You will have two basic options: the flatbed trailer and the enclosed trailer. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses. 

The Benefits of a Flatbed Trailer

Not all flatbed trailers are built the same, but they have the same general design and function. With a flatbed trailer you can easily get equipment on and off of your trailer without worrying about banging into the walls and roof of your trailer. A flatbed trailer should be built to handle the type of loads it is designed for. A flatbed trailer that is built for heavy-duty work should have a solid deck, durable axles, and a tongue that is built to handle the strain of heavy loads. Before you rent a trailer to haul a car or some heavy equipment, you should make sure that the tires, the axles, the deck, and the tongue are all rated to handle the weight you will place upon it. 

The Benefits of an Enclosed Trailer

When you use a flatbed trailer, anything you put on the trailer is exposed to the elements. While you can use tarps, they will not completely cover your load, so some dirt and moisture can get through and damage your belongings. An enclosed trailer will protect whatever you put in your trailer from dust, hail, rain, snow, or any other hazard you can throw at it. Besides protecting your belongings, an enclosed trailer will allow you to stack up boxes, and other loose gear without worrying that it will fall off of your trailer. 

Choosing a trailer is all about knowing what your needs are. If you want to haul a car to a car show or a off-roading rig to a trail for a ride, you definitely should go with a flatbed trailer. On the other hand, if you need a little extra room to haul some boxes during a move, you want to go with an enclosed trailer. Even the best flatbed or enclosed trailer will not serve you well if it is not the right trailer for your needs. Take the time to know your needs before you run down to a rental shop like Route 12 Rental Co Inc.


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