Learning All About Auto Body Restoration

Learning All About Auto Body Restoration

Simple Ways To Optimize Your Car's Transmission

Cody Wade

Every car owner desires to have their car functioning optimally for as long as possible, which is why they should take their car in for filter replacements, tire rotations, oil changes and other crucial maintenance procedures seriously.

However, beyond these tried and tested maintenance procedures is a far more important task that should never be taken lightly: transmission optimization. Here is a look at several things you can do to help get the most out of your transmission and minimize the need for costly repairs.

Check for transmission fluid leaks

Transmission fluid leaks can result in transmission slipping or even overheating, as the system is unable to lubricate and cool itself sufficiently. If your coolant gets too low, too fast, chances are that you have a seal problem in your transmission.

You can counter it by installing gasket seals into your driveshaft and transmission, and also replace the lost fluid by adding stop leak fluid into the transmission using the dipstick.

Add auxiliary coolers

Transmission overheating can be reduced by replacing old or dirty transmission fluid and ensuring that all transmission filters are replaced regularly. However, sometimes overheating can persist even after such maintenance, which indicates the need for auxiliary cooling. An external transmission cooler can solve engine and transmission overheating problems, which are usually caused by your car covering heavy mileage or hauling hefty loads.

Installing additional filters to cooling lines

Your car comes equipped with transmission filters that remove dirt from transmission fluid, ensuring the transmission system is properly lubricated and cooled. However, these filters can sometimes get overwhelmed, especially if old or dirty transmission fluid isn't replaced regularly.

Filter replacements are a great way to avoid transmission clogging problems, but you could also consider adding external transmission filters to your cooling lines to add an extra line of defense against transmission-clogging particles.

Maintain proper tire pressure

Low pressure tire robs your vehicle of road speed, forcing your transmission to work that much harder to achieve the desired performance. Ensuring your tires are adequately filled will allow the transmission to work optimally, with less wear and tear, lower fluid consumption and better gear changes. Proper tire pressure will also cut down on your gas mileage.

By following these simple steps and ensuring your car's transmission is serviced by a mechanic at least twice a year, you can have it performing at its best for a long time and save money on gas mileage and frequent transmission repairs. If you're looking for a transmission repair center in your area, visit Karry's Automotive Service Center.


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