Learning All About Auto Body Restoration

Learning All About Auto Body Restoration

How To Prevent A Clogged Diesel Fuel Filter

Cody Wade

A clogged fuel filter can cause a lot of problems for your diesel-powered vehicle. It could cause your vehicle to run poorly -- such as by jerking, jumping and otherwise operating inefficiently -- or it might cause your vehicle not to start at all. Although changing a clogged fuel filter isn't a big deal, the problems that can lead to a clogged filter can also cause issues for your fuel pump, as well as other components of your fuel system. Luckily, following these tips can help you prevent your fuel filter from getting clogged in the first place and can help protect the other aspects of your vehicle's fuel system.

Avoid Running Low On Fuel

If you run your vehicle low on fuel, it will have to work hard to use every last bit of diesel fuel that is in your tank. This can cause it to use the fuel that is littered with sediment and other debris, which can clog up your fuel filter -- or worse. Try to keep at least several gallons of diesel fuel in your vehicle at all times to help prevent this issue.

Only Use Diesel Fuel From Reputable Sources

Some fuel is dirtier than others. For example, fuel that is stored in a storage tank at your home or place of business might be more likely to be contaminated, especially if it isn't kept in an appropriate type of storage tank. Avoid using fuel from these types of storage tanks, and always purchase your diesel fuel from reputable fuel providers. For example, you might prefer to fill up at a fuel station with newer pumps rather than an older station with old, outdated ones.

Use A Fuel Stabilizer During Winter

During the cold winter months, diesel fuel can become thicker, which can clog your fuel filter. Consider adding a fuel stabilizer to your fuel to help prevent this problem; you can purchase this type of product from any auto parts store or convenience store. Also, make sure that any fuel that you keep in storage during winter is stabilized as well.

As you can see, there are a few things that you can do to help prevent your diesel fuel filter from becoming clogged. By following these tips and following your vehicle manufacturer's guide for changing your fuel filter, you can help prevent fuel system issues and can keep your diesel vehicle in tip-top shape. For more information, contact a specialist like Williams Oil Filter Service Co.


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