Learning All About Auto Body Restoration

Learning All About Auto Body Restoration

Squeaking And Shaking: The 2 Most Common Automotive Brake Problems Diagnosed

Cody Wade

The braking system on your vehicle is a very important safety feature that needs to be continuously monitored to ensure that it is functioning well. Knowing the first signs of a brake system problem allows you to take your car into your auto mechanic before a small braking issue turns into a large repair.

Two of the most common brake system problems can be identified by the following symptoms:

  1. squeaking

  2. shaking

Below is information to help you diagnose some of the most frequent brake system problems that present themselves with these symptoms:

Squeaking Brakes

Your car's brakes can squeak for two different reasons:

  1. dust on the brake pads

  2. metal-to-metal contact from failed brake pads

If you often drive down dirt roads, then you may notice that your brakes will squeak and squeal from time to time. This noise is caused by dust on the brake pads and is not a problem. The dust will work its way out of the brake system and the noise should go away.

If you hear very loud squeaking or squealing, then your brake pads may have become too worn and the metal of the calipers is coming into contact with the rotors. This is a very dangerous condition and needs to be repaired by a mechanic immediately.

Shaking Brakes

If you have noticed that over time your car's brake pedal has started to vibrate when you press it down with your foot, then the brake's rotors may no longer be perfectly round. The rotors are the large round disks that your brake pads contact in order to stop your vehicle and when they are manufactured they are specially machined to be absolutely round. When the rotors become out-of-round from excessive wear, they will begin to cause a distinct vibration when you apply the brakes.

While vibration caused by rotor wear is not an emergency, it is important that you get your rotors machined as soon as possible. This machining is often referred to as "turning the rotors" because they are turned on a metal lathe to make them round. You will also need to have the brake pads and brake fluid replaced when you have the rotors turned.

For Additional Assistance

If you believe that there may be a problem with any part of your car's braking system, then it is imperative that you take your car into a mechanic (such as one from Lakeside Radiator & Auto Repair) as soon as possible. Brake system issues can cause fatal accidents if they are not attended to in a timely fashion.


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