Learning All About Auto Body Restoration

Learning All About Auto Body Restoration

Knowing When To Replace Your Brakes

Cody Wade

Your brakes are the most important component to your vehicle when it comes to your safety, so you will want to be confident that your car is going to stop quickly and with control when you need to brake in emergencies. Well, over time it can be easy to overlook your braking performance and this can cause there to be brake issues. However, there are signs that you can look out for that indicate a failing brake system.

Shakiness While Braking: 

If your steering wheel rattles or if your vehicle shakes while braking then this could be caused by having rotors that are warped. Warped rotors can cause some hesitation when your brake pads attempt to latch onto them, which can cause your vehicle to shake. To resolve this issue, you will want to have a mechanic either replace your rotors or you can have the rotors resurfaced, which is the cheaper option. Resurfacing gives the rotors a flat surface for your brake pads to connect to. 

Lack of Reaction from Your Brakes:

If you are finding yourself having to apply a good amount of force onto your brake pedal before your vehicle begins to slow down then you are likely dealing with poor quality brake fluid. Your brake fluid can impact your braking system when air bubbles become trapped in the fluid line. This can cause your pedal to become spongy, causing you to push down harder and deeper on your brake pedal before getting a response from your brake system. If this is the case, you will want to take your car to a repair shop so they can flush out your dirty fluid and install new, quality brake fluid in your brake lines. 

Loud and Squeaking Noises: 

A common sign that your brakes are failing is when the brake pads themselves begin to wear. Most brakes have an indicator stick that contacts your rotors when your brake pads reach a certain level of padding. The contact of your indicator can create a very loud and squeaking noise, which indicates it is time to have your brake pads replaced.

Knowing these signs can help you manage your brake maintenance so you can rest assured that you can keep your brakes in top tier condition so you can improve your safety on the road. Not only is this important for safety matters, but staying on top of your brake maintenance can prevent costly and major brake issues from occurring. Contact a mechanic, like http://www.advancedautocareca.com, for more information.


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