Learning All About Auto Body Restoration

Learning All About Auto Body Restoration

  • Preserving Your Car's Perfect Paint Job

    The color of your vehicle says a lot about you. When you drive down the road, you often want to be noticed--unless a it's a cop doing the noticing. To keep your paint job look fresh, you'll need to adopt a few practices to protect your car. From choosing your top coat to where to park your vehicle, these can all affect how long your paint job lasts. Apply a Top Coat

  • 3 Signs That You Need New Tires

    There are few things more important to your car's performance than its tires. If you're driving on bad tires, you could experience vibration in your car or even a tire blowout. If the roads are wet, your car may even be unsafe to operate. To prevent an accident or blowout, it's important that you change your tires before it's too late. If you're unsure of whether your tires need to be replaced, there are a few surefire ways you can tell.

  • DIY Car Guide: Is It Your Transmission Modulator? Find Out & Fix It

    The transmission modulator valve helps control every shift you command, and it dispenses the right amount of fluids to take care of the transmission system. This little valve is necessary for the transmission to function properly, which you can call your transmission's command center. Sadly, this compartment--like other parts--can fail, and you should know a few symptoms and how to fix it if necessary.  Tell Signs That You Have A Bad Modulator

  • Protect Your Investment And Promote Your Financial Growth - Things To Check When Purchasing A Used Semi Truck

    Owning and operating your own semi truck can be a great way to free yourself of the restrictions of the modern workplace and allow you to strike out boldly on your own, but getting started can be a daunting task. Many people turn to purchasing used semi trucks in order to keep their costs down, but without the right knowledge, you can find yourself stuck with a truck that could nearly bleed you dry.

  • How To Prevent A Clogged Diesel Fuel Filter

    A clogged fuel filter can cause a lot of problems for your diesel-powered vehicle. It could cause your vehicle to run poorly -- such as by jerking, jumping and otherwise operating inefficiently -- or it might cause your vehicle not to start at all. Although changing a clogged fuel filter isn't a big deal, the problems that can lead to a clogged filter can also cause issues for your fuel pump, as well as other components of your fuel system.

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    Learning All About Auto Body Restoration

    Hi guys, the name is Phyllis. I'm here to teach you all there is to know about auto body repair. I grew up watching my dad strip down cars and restore them to new with beautiful coats of paint. Between coats, I loved to see how the sanding process removed imperfections and readied the surface for more paint. I grew to love the hobby enough to try it out for myself. My journey started with bicycle frames. The frames easily hung from the ceiling to make sanding and painting a breeze. Eventually, I took my sander and sprayer to the finish of my old car to restore its beauty. You can learn about the auto body repair and restoration process by visiting my site each week. I'll share information about traditional and modern techniques, tools and parts you can use to improve the finish on any vehicle. Thanks for visiting!