Learning All About Auto Body Restoration

Learning All About Auto Body Restoration

  • The New Auto Weight Loss Program: What You Should Know About Vehicles Made From Aluminum

    If you plan on purchasing a pickup truck in the next 10 years, chances are good that all or part of that truck's body will be constructed of aluminum. As many as 75% of trucks will be made of aluminum by 2025 according to one study. Why are  automakers switching from steel to aluminum? Rising federal fuel efficiency standards are motivating vehicle manufacturers to find ways to improve gas mileage without sacrificing vehicle power or durability.

  • 8 Tips To Guarantee Smooth Holiday Travel

    Traveling over the holidays can bring out the worst in people. Be kind to your fellow America and plan well in advance with these tips to guarantee smooth travel.  1. Mail and Packages: If you are going to be gone for an extended period of time, contact your postal carrier to temporarily stop the delivery of your mail. When people see mail piling up in your mailbox and packages left on your front porch for several days, it becomes apparent that you are not home.

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    Learning All About Auto Body Restoration

    Hi guys, the name is Phyllis. I'm here to teach you all there is to know about auto body repair. I grew up watching my dad strip down cars and restore them to new with beautiful coats of paint. Between coats, I loved to see how the sanding process removed imperfections and readied the surface for more paint. I grew to love the hobby enough to try it out for myself. My journey started with bicycle frames. The frames easily hung from the ceiling to make sanding and painting a breeze. Eventually, I took my sander and sprayer to the finish of my old car to restore its beauty. You can learn about the auto body repair and restoration process by visiting my site each week. I'll share information about traditional and modern techniques, tools and parts you can use to improve the finish on any vehicle. Thanks for visiting!